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Our Story

Who We Are

Started in 2015

After getting out of college in 2015 we started getting calls from friends and family about different computer problems. Quickly, through word of mouth we found ourselves helping all kinds of people with their computer issues. It blew up and we haven't looked back since!

Services We Offer

We haven't forgot our roots and because of that we help plenty of consumers with their computer problems as well as businesses. We offer virus removal, website building & hosting, hardware troubleshooting & repair, and we can't forget data backups & recovery services. This is a small list of what we can do. If you are wondering if we can help solve your specific problem just contact us.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • One call was all it took to get I/ up and running so I could help my customers find their dream photo editing laptop.
    Ian from I/O Techie